One Saga Is One Week Old – Thank You For All of the Support…

Star Wars BirthdayJust wanted to drop a thank you to everyone who has visited the site during its inaugural week.  This blog has had over 1,000 visits from hundreds of individual visitors from almost 30 countries across the world.  So I want to thank everyone who has commented on the site, or sent me private well wishes, or followed the blog.

I especially want to give a shout out to two sites in particular that have plugged the site or offered suggestions to me:

Lady Padawan at – Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society

Jason Ward at – Making Star Wars

If you haven’t visited either of these sites I highly recommend them.  Both are run by passionate Star Wars fans and both publish some really good stuff.

When I first conceived of One Saga I thought I might have a few things to say about a Saga that was a very important part of my childhood, and continues to thrill and entertain me while revealing new thematic facets with each release.  What I wasn’t expecting was that I would have so much to say.  Each new article gives me new ideas of aspects of fandom I want to examine, reviews of new merchandise, or episodes of Rebels and The Clone Wars I want to break down.  I plan to continue my essays focusing on some of my favorite characters in the Saga, and will start a series examining the production of the movies.

So I hope you all will stick around for the ride.  As long as people are interested, I’ll continue writing,  Again, please feel free to leave feedback, or write in the comment section.  And let people know about the site.  I’d really like to build a community of fans of the entire Saga who enjoy sharing their thoughts about Star Wars and their own experiences in that galaxy far far away…

May the Force Be With You


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