Remember Kids to Set Your Dial to ABC…

STAR WARS REBELSJust a quick follow up to my post yesterday. If you really want to show your support for Rebels and demonstrate to Disney executives that Star Wars Rebels can be a mainstream hit, then pass the word on and watch the rebroadcast of Spark of Rebellion on your local ABC station on Sunday the 26th at 7/6 PM Central Time.

I’d also really encourage female fans in the Star Wars community to get the word out about the broadcast to their fellow fangirls who may not be watching the show.  Disney needs to see that the Star Wars brand can reach beyond the traditional “boy” demographic.

Hera and Sabine are two fantastic addition to the pantheon of Star Wars heroes and can be great role models for young female fans.  But they need to be able to see the show, and Disney’s decision to relegate Rebels to DisneyXD (their “boys” network) really limits those opportunities.

If the female demographics are good enough maybe Disney will consider moving the show to the Disney Channel, or at least broadcast it more frequently on the Disney Channel when girls are more likely to watch.

May the Force Be With You


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