Hey, it’s me… on a podcast? And cool Freddie Prinze Jr. interviews!

WHOWARSlgAfter my Disney rant spread across the interwebs, podcaster and Star Wars & Doctor Who superfan, Rob Irwin reached out to me to discuss Rebels and ratings.  Due to time zones (he’s based out of Sydney, Australia), I couldn’t do the show live, but he was kind enough to send me a series of question that I hope shed some more light on the ratings for Rebels.  If you are a Star Wars and Doctor Who fan (like myself), I highly recommend his podcast Who Wars.  You can listen to this week’s episode by clicking on the logo.

Freddie-Prinze-JrAnd speaking of podcasting, if you don’t want to hear me drone on, you can listen to a couple of great interviews with Rebels star, Freddie Prinze Jr., who plays Kanan.  He’s got some great stories to tell about his own fandom and interest in Kung Fu movies.  He’s been making the rounds this week on a number of fan podcasts.  So, far I’ve listened to him on Rebel Force Radio, and in a great in depth discussion with the fine folks at Coffee With Kenobi.  Give them a listen!

RebelForcecoffee with kenobi


4 thoughts on “Hey, it’s me… on a podcast? And cool Freddie Prinze Jr. interviews!

    • Not a problem Dan. As far as I’m concerned Coffee With Kenobi is one of the finest Star Wars podcasts around, and is a must for fans examining the deeper themes of the Saga.

      BTW your interview with Freddie was simply outstanding.


    • Yup, that was pretty cool. I’ll be posting another article with a quick overview of last night’s overnight ABC ratings for the rebroadcast of Spark of Rebellion.

      In summary the numbers aren’t great, the adult demographic is dreadful, but it looks like kids 6-11 were watching, so it might help tonight. But I will discuss son broader suspicions I’m starting to have about younger viewers.


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