Disney… You’re Killing Me Smalls Pt. 2 (This Time With Good News)

The DisneyXD Yo-Yo

STAR WARS REBELSSo last week’s ratings for the November 4th airing of Breaking Ranks posted with no fanfare from Disney, and for good reason.  Once again the show took a nose dive shedding over 300,000 viewers from a near series high of 946,000 viewers the week before.  The numbers were hard to find as the show made barely a blip on any of the standard websites covering TV ratings news.  However, I was finally able to dig up the number, but no demographic breakdown, but it appears the youth numbers must have been pretty good as the 18-49 year old demographic only posted a 0.1 rating.  But once again the show dropped 30% of its viewers and seems destined to continue this trend of good news bad news for Disney’s struggling boy-centric network.

But then I found something fascinating…

They said, “Disney Channel is the place ya ought to be…”

The outstanding ratings analysis blog, TV-Aholic, posted Friday’s cable numbers… and they were very illuminating…

On Friday, November 7th, the Disney Channel aired a 1-hour bloc of back-to-back episodes of Rebels following an airing of the animated film, Despicable Me:

Friday Ratings

Yes, you read that right, Star Wars Rebels was the #6 and #8 rated cable program during primetime on Friday evening pulling in very Clone Wars like numbers.  It should be noted the show aired in the same time slot Clone Wars initially did during its early run on Cartoon Network.  The 9:00 PM airing pulled in over 2 million viewers, and even the 9:30 broadcast was able to maintain a large chunk of those viewers despite being pitted against the Discovery Channel’s hit reality show, Gold Rush, and an ESPN broadcast of NBA basketball.  Clearly the show demonstrated it can pull in mass viewers when aired on another night, and on another network.Disney XD

The Future

Clearly Disney has little expectations for ratings on DisneyXD, and like the Marvel properties, views the brand as nothing more than a a means to lure viewers to their struggling cable channel.  But it’s obvious that Rebels can bring in solid numbers on Disney Channel proper, so airing on DisneyXD is nothing more than “playing with house money.”

The Disney Channel has announced plans to begin airing reruns of Rebels on Saturdays at noon beginning November 29th, so it will be interesting to see how those Friday numbers translate.  However, it should be apparent to Disney executives that the Disney Channel is a natural home for the show.

rebels-logo-big.png_posterMay the Force Be With You

2 thoughts on “Disney… You’re Killing Me Smalls Pt. 2 (This Time With Good News)

  1. Thanks for the information on the Disney Channel! Will there continue to be rebroadcasts? If so the future rating numbers on Disney will be interesting to see. Why are the numbers so high if the same episodes have already been aired weeks before?


    • Very few homes in America actually have access to DisneyXD, while the Disney Channel is available through most cable/satellite providers. Disney has simply been trying to use their Marvel and Star Wars brands to DisneyXD to attract more viewers to the network, and make the channel’s lineup more attractive to cable companies that are not currently carrying it.

      Disney traditionally rebroadcasts DisneyXD shows on Disney Channel after a few weeks.


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