The Force Awakens – Trailer Observations

Well the first Official Teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has dropped, and I’ve watched it a dozen times or so.  So here are some quick observations:

1.  LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the shot of the X-Wings skimming over the water, looked fantastic, and suitably epic!

2.  Nice to see the Falcon again, not necessarily sure I’m a big fan of that particular shot.  A little too much shaky cam for my taste.

3.  Speaking of shaky cam, just looking at the Stormtrooper landing sequence it is VERY evident this is a J.J. Abrams film, and will look very modern compared to the other six films.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as fans need to remember these films are being made for a younger audience and there are certain expectations they have.  Abrams like to use shaky cam to give the audience a “you are there” feel.  I’m sure he will dial it back compared to Mission Impossible III, but he’s not going to change the way he makes films.

4.  Bad guy’s lighsaber… jury is still out for me.  I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of cross guards on the hilt of the lightsaber blades as they seem unwieldy, but it is growing on me.

5.  Rollerball R2 unit.  I suspect older fans who hate “cute” elements in their Star Wars are going to hate this character.

6.  John Boyega OWNS the screen in the few seconds he appears.  I definitely wanted to know more about him.

Overall it’s a solid teaser, but I was left a little underwhelmed.  Compared to the Episode I & III teasers it was lacking.  The Episode II “Breathing” teaser was outstanding, and Empire’s teaser had me going back to the theater again, and again.

One of my biggest takeaways from this teaser is that J.J. is desperately trying to surround this film with an air of mystery, but this trailer comes across as less of a mystery and more like a series of random shots strung together that tell us little. The great thing about the teasers for the Prequels is that they hinted at just enough of a story to give the audience a tease of the upcoming adventure, but still managed to shroud it in mystery. J.J.’s Mystery Box can be frustrating at times.

On the other hand, I do appreciate the fact that J.J. avoided turning the teaser into a nostalgia fest, and instead of dwelling on the past chose to introduced the new characters that will propel the Saga going forward.


13 thoughts on “The Force Awakens – Trailer Observations

  1. its ok if you forget about what makes a good teaser…mispell. iffy villian monolgue coupled with ugly props(that are slightly helped with good visual effects). the aesthatic is on point and the villian with the lightsaber was a nod to middle ages times. the problem is that the film may look modern but it will look ugly compared to the six. abrams casted those 2 perfectly but acting cant carry a awful film(which this trailer pretty much comfirms it is). the film doesn blend the cgi shots well to the live action shots in some instances. however hope is not lost. because if it sucks balls we can all ignore its existence and bash the film to ruin the pt haters enjoyment


    • Overall I thought it was a solid trailer, but nothing particularly awe inspiring. There are some nice moments, but the Jurassic World teaser was much better.


  2. I can understand keeping the plot under wraps, but why not tell us who the actors are playing? What part of the “mystery box” would that destroy?


    • According to rumors the galaxy is still in a state of civil war, and there might even be multiple factions of the Empire left over.

      Nit a big fan of this, but if they can give me a decent explanation I will keep an open mind. I’ll probably write another piece about the latest rumors pretty soon.


    • Well, the X-Wing sequence looks great, but the Falcon scene looks and feels like a videogame cutscene to me.

      Liked the ball droid, but I you were complaining about the Pit Droids, or the Buzz Droids and you have no objections to this little guy then you need to check your objectivity.


  3. I liked John Boyega as agitated trooper guy, but then again I’m a sucker for armoured badasses and a clone fan since 2002. He definitely left me wanting more agitated trooper guy. Daisy Ridley as intense-looking woman with the sweet repulsorcraft wasn’t bad either, though the folks who did the sound effects for her speeder deserve a bit of credit for that positive impression. It’s like a STAP crossed with a hot rod truck that sounds like something I’d want to own.

    Apparently there are some people out there who were disturbed that an “African-American” was cast as a trooper instead of a white guy, especially because this trooper was the first new character seen. I’ve seen responses to such barely veiled racism that point out that the original troopers were “Hispanic”. Irrelevant, but slightly amusing given how strong a positive impression Boyega left with his few seconds of screen time.


    • Well it’s not an awful trailer. Not terribly awesome either. It’s a good teaser… but Jurassic World’s teaser was far more exiting and interesting.

      And I’ll hop judgment until I see the finished product.


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