Prequel Fans Have Heard The Dog Whistle

Great article by Friend of the Blog… Lazy Padawan

Friday’s San Diego Comic Con TFA panel was carefully constructed to generate positive, even ecstatic buzz. All of those panels are meant to do that, whether it’s a rare appearance from a huge movie star, the debut of a two-fisted trailer, an ensemble cast appearing together, or goofy surprise stunts like the new Spiderman showing up to ask a question in costume.

If you went by the happy, even joyous tweets from those who attended the panel and the free show afterwards (complete with fireworks) or the geek media reports, it was the best thing since sliced bread. I felt a bit stung that I’d missed out, especially on the concert afterwards. It was in an outdoor area where I could’ve seen and heard the event, even if I hadn’t attended the panel. As I put it on Twitter, it felt like a friend threw a party but didn’t invite…

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2 thoughts on “Prequel Fans Have Heard The Dog Whistle

  1. No! You can’t stop blogging! I still would like to hear what you think is coming in Star Wars Rebels Season 2, your thoughts on A New Dawn, and other stuff such as the Kanan comic. The brand new summary for Kanan #7 indicates that it takes place during the Clone Wars!

    Okay now that I’m done being emotional, do whatever brings you joy.


    • Oh no, I’ll be back blogging shortly. I’m finishing up a review of Siege of Lothal. I just wanted to post this article because it had some interesting tales that I happened to agree with.


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