The Force Awakens San Diego ComicCon Trailer (We’re Out In A Desert Edition)

Hey readers, sorry for the absence, but sometimes life gets in the way.  I should get back to regular posting in the weeks ahead, and I have quite a lot to say, and a backlog of reviews I need to get to.

I thought I would break my silence talking about the much ballyhooed release of a behind the scenes trailer for The Force Awakens at ComicCon.  Practical seemed to be the operative word of the night at the panel presentation… practical effects, sets… everything practical.  Of course this was all spin designed to cater to disgruntled fanboys obsessed with the notion that the Prequel Trilogy is nothing but non stop CG effects and sets.

Of course this completely ignores all reality.  Phantom Menace alone used more practical (meaning miniature) effects then the entire Original Trilogy combined.  That trend continued with Attack of the Clones, but if you were to listen to many of the Lucas bashers they would have audiences believe that Lucas constructed all of the sets, costumes, aliens, and even actors inside a computer … well that’s simply untrue.

Unfortunately Lucasfilm appears to be in on the act now, subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, implying that the Prequels were somehow artificial, and the decisions to take advantage of emerging technologies was a mistake.  If someone were to drink every time JJ Abrams used the words “real” or “practical,” that individual would be three sheets to the wind only 15 minutes into the presentation.

As the great Alfalfa once said: “I’ve had all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more.”

So I whipped up this little video using the template of the real ComicCon behind the scenes trailer to highlight some of the amazing work of the artists, construction crews, model builders, and creature effects crew who worked on the Prequel Trilogy.  It’s still in a rough state, and I’d like to tweak the audio a bit, but I thought in light of it being Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week I’d get it out to fans: