Luke, I Am Your… Episode VII Spoilers…

Earlier this week I wrote about my experiences with spoilers; specifically Vader’s major revelation at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.  Spoilers don’t really bother me, I actual enjoy uncovering the secrets of a film and then later see how those events unfold in the context of the finished film.

Every Star Wars film usually has interesting concepts that either make it through preproduction, or to the scripting phase, or are even filmed, but later rejected.  Empirehad Wampas attacking the Hoth base, Jedi had Obi-Wan revealing to Luke that Uncle Owen was his brother, and Sith had its own “I am your father” moment between Palpatine and Anakin.  While none of these ideas made it to the finished product, they make for interesting speculation.

Initially, when spoilers began to leak regarding Episode VII I was fairly ambivalent.  Most rumors concerned remnant forces of the Empire along with potential Sith baddies running around the galaxy stirring up trouble.  I had a number of problems with these from a storytelling point of view.  They simply felt old and worn out like recycled bits from post-Jedi Expanded Universe books and comics.  I also had a big problem with how they impacted the previous six films on a thematic level….


As I mentioned part of my policy is to respect the wishes of people who want to remain spoiler free.  So I’ve opened a new blog for spoilers.  You can read the rest of the blog by clicking below:

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